Talent Optimization

What is talent optimization?

Talent optimization is a four-part discipline that details what’s required for aligning your business strategy and your talent strategy so you can achieve your desired business results. The four aptitudes are: diagnose, design, hire, and inspire.

1. Diagnose

Diagnose is the first part of talent optimization. By diagnosing, a leader can pinpoint the true cause of a business’s talent gaps. Ideally, you’d diagnose preventively to stay ahead of any problems.

2. Design

Design is the second part of talent optimization, and this is where you’ll create and evolve your people strategy. It’s important that you design your organizational structure and company culture intentionally—and aligned with your business strategy.

3. Hire

Hire is the third part of talent optimization, and this is where you’ll use talent optimization insights based on people data to hire and build high-performing teams.

When you nail hiring, wonderful things happen. People feel energized by their jobs and their teams and go the extra mile. Performance and engagement soar. You delight your clients and boost your brand reputation—and as word grows about your winning ways, it attracts other top performers.

4. Inspire

Inspire is the fourth part of talent optimization and covers employee-oriented activities like career pathing and measuring team performance over time. The 2019: State of People Analytics report found that more HR leaders are realizing the power of using workforce analytics to improve hiring and management outcomes.

A talent optimization approach gives employees the tools they need to address communication problems and other issues that pop up when working collaboratively. 

Why is talent optimization needed?

Companies create a business strategy and determine what business results they want to achieve—but then they glaze over the critical “people” work that should be happening in between. And they fail to make intelligent human capital investments despite proof that employees must be invested in and developed to maximize ROI.

Talent optimization is a discipline that helps leaders close the talent gap and solve their business problems once and for all. And it’s scalable and repeatable, so you can always stay ahead of the curve to stave off any issues that seem to be brewing. 

Ready to align your people strategy with your business strategy to skyrocket your results?