Crisis Resources

With the economy in crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand leadership is faced with making difficult choices such as reductions in force, switching to 100% remote work and a strategic shift in focus, we have the resources that can help. Below you’ll find access to tools that will provide guidance in times of uncertainty. As always, reach out to us for additional resources or if you have further questions.

AMP Human Capital Partners is offering a set of two new workshops designed by the Predictive Index to help you focus on the operational re-alignment and team cohesion to support your leadership through these unprecedented times. 

  • Leading in Crisis: Ideal for executives and senior business leaders looking to build their way back to stability and confidently address critical business decisions fast.   This 90-minute virtual workshop is meant for 2-10 team members and will help you: 
    • Align your business strategy with your available workforce
    • Identifying priorities and sources of misalignment
    • Know your strengths and unfreeze your workforce
  • Team Building Through Change: Ideal for leaders and their critical teams looking to adapt to complex and sudden changes by using objective methods to adjust team dynamics, relaunch teams, and unlock collaboration.  This 90-minute virtual workshop is meant for 2-10 team members and will help you: 
  • Adapt and build strong teams through crisis
  • Use objective methods to adapt team dynamics and relaunch teams
  • Unlock collaboration through complex and sudden changes